About us
Strefa zdrowia – massage and rehabilitation is a place for those who seek calm, relax and quietude, for those who appreciate comfort and professional service. Strefa Zdrowia is a place to forget all your worries and soothe your body and spirit in the hands of qualified personnel. For your convenience, additional services are provided – manicure, pedicure and podology.

Bartłomiej Gałązka
Graduated with Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw. Completed a variety of courses on orthopedic rehabilitation. Certified complition of manual therapy IAOM, soft tissue manipulation and Kinesio taping courses. Works with proffesional athletes as well as sport enthusiasts. Treating injuries and post traumatic conditions is his speciality. Collaborated with Warsaw’s Legia Soccer Schools, where he extended his skills in sports rehabilitation. His passion and involvement drive him to participating in many conferences on the state of the art physiotherapy techniques. Gained knowledge and experience Bartlomiej puts to good use when working with his clients.
For a year cooperated with neurological rehabilitation ward in Szpital Powiatowy in Otwock, orthopedic clinic Ortho-fit as well as with fitness club Zdrofit.
His individual approach to each client ensures best proffesional care.

Urszula Bielak
Recipient of a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw and of cosmetic academy. Completed various medicinal and relaxation massage courses in order to broaden her knowledge of the subjects. Strives to recognize and uderstand client’s expectations, continously broadening her skills through further courses and education on topics such as pre- and postnatal massages, weight loss boosting and shape modelling techniques. Founder and owner of BiuroOdnowa, a company specialising in office massages. Propagator of well known abroad method of short, regenerating office massages combined with work place friendly exercises and rudimentary work ergonomics lectures. Cooperated with LOT Polish Airlines, Mercedes Benz Polska, Ikea and TPA Horwath.
Her experience, knowledge and expertise of physiotherapeutic as well as beauty novelties ensures complex care for her clients.

Monika Wodyczko
A clinical dietitian, graduated from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences with a Master’s Degree and a post graduate diploma from Medical University of Warsaw – Dietetics in Internal and Metabolic Diseases. She has worked for 5 years with patients with various ailments, such as obesity, overweight, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infertility, and other metabolic disorders. Monika constantly improves upon her knowledge by participating in numerous dietary symposiums. In her work, she focuses on the causes of the issue and complex approach to the problem and its treatment. Monika is the author of many publications on the dietary topic, as well as a guest in radio and TV programs.

Olga Sawicka
Trained translator who chose to pursue nail styling career. Colours and design are her life’s passion and she has been interested in manicure and make-up for a long time. She has been working as a nail stylist for two years specializing in nail art. Her favourite techniques include precisely hand painted original designs, knitted nails and minimalistic modern patterns. She is open to new inspiration and constantly improves her skills. She has graduated from bilingual translation studies at the University of Warsaw, fluently speaks English and Italian. She will be happy to advise you as to what fits you best and will come up with trendy nail art ideas.