Dietary Consultations

New Client Introductory Consultation
The introductory consultation aims to recognize patients problems and goals which they mean to achieve, preliminary establishment of the time duration of the treatment as well as delivering the dietary recommendations.

Consultation includes:

  • Anthropometric measurement (measurement of body mass and girth)
  • Health and diet interview
  • Individually assigned dietary recommendations, in a schematic form, to use in the next 2 weeks

Price: 200 zl/60 min


Follow up appointment
It is a next visit after the introductory consultation. During this appointment the dietitian analyzes client’s progress, continues the dietary education, introduces changes to the previous recommendations as needed. The number of follow up appointments may vary depending on the patient and their goals or problems. It is preliminarily set up during the initial meeting. The duration of the appointment is 30 minutes, however it may be extended to 60 minutes per client’s wishes.

Consultation includes:

  • An anlysis of clients notes
  • Dietary education
  • A modification of previously assigned recommendations, as per client’s need, for the next 2-4 weeks.

Price: 100 zl/30 min


Eating plan
The eating plan is an optional service. It is a specific menu for 7 days, used for a time prescribed by the dietitian, with recipes for each meal. The waiting time for a personal eating plan is 3 working days.

Price: 150 zl


How to prepare for the introductory consultation?

  • Set up the goals you would like to achieve with Strefa Zdrowia’s specialists
  • Analize your present health and frame of mind, decide what is there to be improved, what should be worked upon
  • write down every nutritional supplement you are currently taking
  • write down your every day’s menu, for a few days
  • take you current (not older than a month) blood tests results containing: RBC morphology, glucose level, lipid profile (total cholesterol level, LDL, HDL, TG), uric acid, AST, ALT, TSH, vit D3 + current tests results connected to your condition if there is such