Medicinal Massage – physiotherapeutic treatment, assigned individually to each client’s needs, focused on areas. Deep tissue massage techniques are used, as well as manual therapy. The main goal of the massage is to relieve pain as well as relax the muscles and improve general comfort of the client. Medicinal Massage gives best effects performed in series of 3 to 6 treatments combined with exercises.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Classic massage – the most popular form of massage. Recommended in pains, muscle sorenes, stress conditions. Classic massage is an excellent form of muscle regeneration after intensive exertion as well as an amazing relaxation technique for body and spirit.

Price : 30/60/90min  100/150/190 zl

Relaxation massage – it is one of the best forms of rest. Thanks to calm and gentle techniques lowers the stress and fatigue levels, and enables full body relaxation. Warm, aromatic oils and peaceful music help to forget about everyday problems and escape from reality.

Price: 60/90 min  140/ 180 zl

Sports massage – a treatment dedicated to proffesional athletes as well as exercise enthusiasts. Sports massage is an intrinsic element of every training regimen. The therapy aims to reduce chances of injury and alleviate physical overexertion effects.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/140/190 zl

Prenatal massage – a gentle treatment combined with myofascial release theraphy. The massage helps to alleviate back pains, especially lower back. Before each treatment an interview is conducted to ensure that the massage is well suited to future mom’s every need. During the therapy session the client is lying on their side, so they can feel comfortable and fully relax. This procedure also aims to reduce the edema and swelling; it increases blood and lymph flow which can help with the elimination of toxins through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The massage is performed by a highly qualified physiotherapeutist and only natural ingredient based cosmetics are used. The prenatal massage is beneficial during the entire pregnancy after the first trimester, or after a discussion with client’s midwife or physician.

Price: 60 min 150 zl

Anti-Cellulite Massage – an intense, vigorous massage involving kneading, pinching, tapping and squeezing the affected areas. Those techniques are used to stimulate circulation and to break up the fat deposits, so the skin becomes more elastic and firm. The treatment uses skincare suited to each cellulite type, rich in active anti-cellulite ingredients. This type of treatment is not recommended for client’s prone to broken capillaries.

The massage gives best effects performed in series of 6 to 10 treatments..

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Chinese bubble massage – one of the best ways to reduce and eliminate cellulite. Treatment using bubbles is a vacuum therapy. It improves the blood and body fluids circulation, helps to remove toxins, increases metabolism and reduces body fat.

The treatment gives best effects performed in 6 to 10 series 2-3 times a week, combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Chocolate massage – a treatment with warm milk chocolate is most certainly the sweetest form of relaxation. Rich in nourishing ingredients chocolate moisturises and firms up the skin. The massage usses beneficial properties of cocoa beans which nurture and regenerate the body. Chocolate has advantageous effects not only on the skin, but also the aroma stimulates the endorfin release. The treatment ends with hot compress to help absorb the active ingredients from the chocolate.

Price: 60/90 min 150/190 zl


Argan oil massage – warm argan oil massage is not only relaxing, but also nurturing. 100% argan oil is a very strong antioxidant, has anti-aging properties, increases firmness, moisturises, and, most importantly, it is safe for every skin type. Regular (weekly) argan oil treatment has anti-cellulite effects.

Price: 60/90 min 180/220 zl


Coconut oil massage – coconut oil is known as ‘the most beneficial oil on the Earth’. The treatment not only provides deep relaxation, but has aromatherapeutic and regenerating properties. Best for dry skin, hydrates and helps prevent skin aging.

Price: 60/90 min 180/220 zl

Shea butter massage – relaxation for body and spirit, the treatment hydrates the skin, thanks to active ingredients in the shea butter reaches deeper skin layers, leaves the skin silky smooth and lovely fragrant. Recommended for dry or damaged skin types.

Price 60/90 min 180/220 zl

Candle massage – warm, aromatic candle massage is deeply relaxing. The candle’s properties make skin incredibly smooth and the aroma comforts and soothes the senses. Recommended for sensitive skin types. One of the ingredients of the candle, beeswax, leaves a thin layer on the skin, hydrates it and improves it’s elasticity.

Price: 60/90 min 180/220 zl


Hot stones massage – combined with appropriate techniques is an amazing remedy for overexertion and general tiredness. Warmth seeping through the stones and gentle massage relaxes the muscles. The treatment alleviates soreness and increases body regeneration processes.

Price: 60/90 min 180/220zl

Honey massage – a detoxifying treatment, helps to cleanse the skin by gentle exfoliation, removes toxins from the organism, improves elasticity and smoothes the skin, boosts blood and lymph circulation.

Price: 60/90 min 180/220 zl

Manual lymphatic drainage – a gentle massage aims to encourage the circulation of blood and lymph, resulting in more efficient elimination of body’s waste. Treatment is used in cases of physiological as well as post-surgical swelling. When performed in a series the massage also helps reduce cellulite in cases of edematous (‘water’) cellulite.  Recommended series of 6 to 10 treatments.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Foot massage – one of the most popular treatments, relaxes and gives a rejuvenating, refreshing effects. Due to improved circulation helps alleviate the heavy feet feeling. The massage nourishes and hydrates skin leaving it soft to the touch.

Price: 30 min 90zl

Face massage – face and neck massage is a great form of relax. Combined with nourishing cosmetics, the treatmant helps to elastify and smoothe, oxygenates and improves the colour of skin. Eyebags dissapear, and face contour is enhanced. The treatment is especially recommended for dehydrated and dry skin types. Regularly used the massage has anti-aging properties, most importantly when it comes to brow, forehead and eye areas.

Price: 20/30 min 60/90 zl