Manual therapy –  physiotherapeutic treatment aiming to restore natural movement in jounts. After evaluation, the physiotherapist decides on a technique and the therapy plan.

Price: 30/60 min 100/150 zl (+ free consultation)

Kinesio taping –  a rehabilitation taping technique using skin-like tapes application. The treatment is designed to restore muscle stability, boost circulation and lymphatic system.

Method used with swelling (edema), injuries and muscle overexertion.

Price: 20 min 20 zl

Rehabilitation exercises: individually prescribed for each client, used in:

  • healty spine exercises
  • injury prevention
  • sports injury rehabilitation
  • personal training

Price: 45/60 min 100/120 zl

Tension headache therapy –  treatment which helps to alleviate and eliminate headaches resulting from muscle contractions in the head and neck areas. Tension type headache is the most common type of headache, it is caused by stress, unergonomic body positions and general tiredness. The therapy aims not only to eliminate the headache but to prevent it as well.

Price: 30/60 min 100/150 zl