Healthy Mom

Prenatal massage – a gentle treatment combined with myofascial release theraphy. The massage helps to alleviate back pains, especially in the lower back. Before each treatment an interview is conducted to ensure that the massage is well suited to future mom’s every need. During the therapy session the client is lying on their side, so they can feel comfortable and fully relax. This procedure also aims to reduce the edema and swelling; it increases blood and lymph flow which can help with the elimination of toxins through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The massage is performed by a highly qualified physiotherapeutist and only natural ingredient based cosmetics are used. The prenatal massage is beneficial during the entire pregnancy after the first trimester.

Price: 60 min 150 zl


Prenatal relaxation massage – a full body relaxating massage using side-lying position. The treatment is performed by a qualified physiotherapist with only natural ingredients based cosmetics. The future mother’s well-being is of the utmost importance.

Price 60 min 140 zl


Foot lymphatic drainage/heavy feet massage – a quick remedy for swollen feet, in a pleasant, pain-free way restores lymph circulation – no more heavy feet feeling.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Postnatal therapy/massage – a treatment prescribed individually to new mother’s needs and expectations, focuses on the most painful postnatal ailments – lower back pains, numbness of upper limbs, sore shoulder blades, as well as stimulation and care of the skin after the pregnancy. All performed using only natural based cosmetics, safe for a breastfeeding mother.

Price: 30/60/90 min 100/150/190 zl

Prenatal exercises – individually prescribed by a physiotherapist, based on physical abilities of the future mother. Staying active during pregnancy not only strenghtens the spine, but helps avoid swelling as well as prepare for the labour. Appropriate exercises prevent overexertion of the lower back as well as reduce the possibility of stretch marks on the skin.

Postnatal exercises – individually prescribed exercise regimen designed to induce weight loss and restore client to previous physical form. Apart from strenghtening, the exercises stretch the muscles overworked during carrying baby in the arms or breastfeeding in unergonomic, uncomfortable positions.